ZOiS Conference 2017

A New Research Agenda on Eastern Europe

The Launch Conference of the recently founded Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS) focused on new research perspectives on Eastern Europe.

ZOiS researchers, guest speakers, and young scholars supported by ZOiS presented their current research.

The talks and discussions were linked to the ZOiS research priorities "Stability and Change of Political Regimes", "The Dynamics of Conflict", and "Migration". There was also a roundtable discussion on the future of Area Studies. An exhibition of work by the photographer Mark Neville added an artistic perspective to the ZOiS research on political identities shaped by the war in Ukraine.

About 100 participants gathered at the first conference of the Centre for East European and International Studies in Berlin. Photo: Peter Himsel

Julie Wilhelmsen, Alice Lackner, Gwendolyn Sasse, Natalia Savelyeva, Nadja Douglas and Stefan Wolff (from left) discuss about conflict dynamics in the Post-Soviet region. Photo: Peter Himsel

A comprehensive and diverse programme awaited the attendees. Photo: Peter Himsel

British artist Mark Neville presents his photographic work from the Ukrainian war zone. Photo: Peter Himsel

Adrian Wanner (standing) and Dirk Uffelmann (right) chair a roundtable discussion on Migration in/from Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union from a Literature and Cultural Studies perspective. Photo: Peter Himsel

German comic artist Elke Steiner presents her work on Jewish identity in Europe today. Photo: Peter Himsel

Mariya Rohava from the University of Oslo, recipient of a ZOiS dissertation completion grant, discusses obstacles to research in Belarus". Rebecca Fradkin (right) also receives a ZOiS dissertation completion grant. Photo: Peter Himsel

Patrick Köllner, Mark Beissinger, Katharina Bluhm, Markku Kivinen, Sebastian Lentz and Gwendolyn Sasse (from left) discuss the future of area studies. Photo: Peter Himsel

Daniel Schulz, editor at the German newspaper taz.die tageszeitung, shares his experience with displaced Ukrainians in a discussion chaired by Nina Friess from ZOiS (left). Photo: Peter Himsel

The long conference day came to an end with a reception that gave the guests an opportunity to exchange views and ideas. Photo: Peter Himsel