Focus on Belarus

Young people in Minsk protest against the results of the 2020 Belarussian presidential election. © imago images / ITAR-TASS

According to official preliminary results, Belarusian president Aliaksandr Lukashenka has been reelected for another turn on 9 August. In the aftermath of the election, massive protests are taking place in the country. In the light of these current events, ZOiS has put together a dossier on politics and society in Belarus.

ZOiS Forum online | 16 February 2021 | 6:30 pm

Belarus: The Power of Theatre, Photography and Public Opinion

Nadja Douglas: Die Loyalität des belarusischen Sicherheitsapparats bröckelt (noch) nicht

In ihrem Beitrag für die Belarus-Analysen analysiert Politikwissenschaftlerin Nadja Douglas (ZOiS) die Rolle des belaurssischen Sicherheitsapparates bei den aktuellen Protesten.

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Gwendolyn Sasse: Belarus’s Optimistic Protesters and Putin’s Intentions (Judy Dempsey’s Strategic Europe)

In an article for , ZOiS director Gwendolyn Sasse presents the results of a new survey conducted by the MOBILISE project among protesters in Belarus. A majority of the participants remain optimimstic that the protests will succeed in ousting Lukashenko.

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Regina Elsner: "The Church is Always with the People": An Orthodox Paradigm in Political Turmoil (Berkley Forum)

In a blog post for the Berkley Forum (Georgetown University), theologian Regina Elsner (ZOiS) takes a look at the role of the Belarusian Orthodox Church (BOC) in the current protests following the presidential elections in Belarus.

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Félix Krawatzek: Young Belarusians are turning away from Russia and looking towards Europe (The Conversation)

Political scientist Félix Krawatzek (ZOiS) presents date from a ZOiS survey in June 2020. Among other topics, the survey asked young Belarusians what kind of relationship they want Belarus to have with the EU and Russia. Other questions dealt with identities and language.

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Regina Elsner: Religion and Civil Disobedience: The Orthodox Church and Political Protests in Belarus

"The Church’s attitude towards the protests and political situation in Belarus illustrates some important developments within Russian and Belarusian Orthodoxy since the end of the Soviet Union." For "Talk About: Law and Religion", the blog of the international Center for Law and Religion Studies, theologian Regina Elsner took a look at the church's role concerning the protests in Belarus.

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Pressemitteilung 17.08.2020

Expertenstimmen: Proteste in Belarus nach der Präsidentschaftswahl

Podcast: Roundtable Osteuropa 18/2020

Belarus in Turmoil

Digital Natives versus Security Hardliners

In DGAP'S Berlin Policy Journal, Nadja Douglas and Félix Krawatzek write about the protest movement in Belarus. Presenting data from a survey among young people in Belarus, they show that trust in key state institutions has been eroding in the first half of 2020 in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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