"Obabich" at Mystetskyi Arsenal

17 May 2019

In cooperation with ZOiS

From 22 May to 30 June, the Mystetskyi Arsenal Gallery in Kyiv shows the photo exhibition Obabich. It was organized in cooperation with ZOiS and includes works by Mark Neville that were on display at ZOiS in 2017 as part of the project "Displaced Ukrainians".

Obabich means "on/at/from both sides". Photographers Viktor Marushchenko and Mark Neville have at different times created images of people in their everyday environment: Marushchenko fifteen years ago in the Donbas and Neville in the year 2017, portraying those displaced by the war as well as ordinary life in Ukraine. Curated by Jerzy Onuch, the exhibition offers us to look at borders of the imaginary or physical neighbourship between people. Ukrainian artist Sasha Kurmaz contributed a graffiti marking the steel wall of the gallery.

"As he travelled in Ukraine, Neville could not fail to notice that, despite the war in the east and all of its effects, life carried on, and the country‘s people, similar to those in Marushchenko’s works, are seen continuing to seek happiness and immersion in beauty." Jerzy Onuch, curator

The exhibition was part of the IX International Book Arsenal Festival and was opened on 22 May 2019, 19:00 at Mystetskyi Arsenal.