Dr. Alexander Chertenko

Guest researcher
Tel. + 49 (30) 2005949-72

Alexander Chertenko is Ukrainian-German literary and cultural studies scholar. Since August 2019, he has been a guest researcher at ZOiS. He studied German and English studies in Kyiv and earned his PhD in 2006 with a thesis on Max Frisch’s prose works. From 2005 to 2015, he has been a researcher at Shevchenko Institute of Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Kyiv and scientific secretary at the Center for German Studies there. He also played an active role in a partnership programme (supported by the DAAD) between the center and the Freie Universität Berlin. Since 2015, he has been an associated member of the Research Center for Cultural Exclusion and Frontier Zones (Sociological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg). His recent research focuses on current literature in the post-communist space (especially Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Poland) from a comparative and cultural studies perspective. In 2019, he additionally graduated with a Master of Arts’ degree in East European culture (Freie Universität Berlin). At ZOiS, he is currently drafting an application for a third-party funded postdoc project entitled „The renaissance of colonialism. The war in Donbas in Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish fictional and non-fictional literature after 2014”.

Research interests

  • War and literature
  • Postcolonial theory in the Eastern European context
  • Identity conflicts and literary historiography in the post-communist space (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Poland)
  • Medicine and literature
  • Border studies