Selected Publications

Dr. Nadja Douglas


2017. Public Control of Armed Forces in the Russian Federation, New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Artikel in Journals mit Peer-Review/Articles in peer-reviewed journals

2019. 'Top-down or bottom-up? - Public control of the armed forces in post-Soviet Russia'. Armed Forces & Society vol. 45, no. 4: pp. 746–768.

2015. 'The Role of Society in the Control of Armed Forces – Implications for Democracy'. Sicherheit und Frieden Heft 1: S. 19-25.

2014. 'Civil-Military Relations in Russia: Conscript vs. Contract Army, or How Ideas Prevail Against Functional Demands'. The Journal of Slavic Military Studies vol. 27, no. 4: pp. 511-532.

2013. 'De-federalisation vs. democratisation: The Politicisation of Federal Reforms in Russia'. Federal Governance vol. 10, no. 2:  pp. 19-34.

Kapitel in Sammelbänden/Chapters in edited volumes

2017. 'Leadership Norms as a Form of Internal (Self-)Control of the Armed Forces'. In: Leadership in Extreme Situations, edited by Michael Oscar Holenweger, Michael Karl Jager and Franz Kernic, pp. 131-147. Springer International Publishing Switzerland.

Weitere Veröffentlichungen/Other publications

2020. 'Belarus' increased vulnerability in times of crisis'. ZOiS Spotlight 13/2020.

2019. 'Moldova’s political crisis and its aftershocks'. ZOiS Spotlight  25/2019.

2019. 'Grand strategies and natural limitations in the Russian Arctic '. ZOiS Spotlight 14/2019.

2019. 'NATO-Russland-Beziehungen. Wege aus der Konfrontation?' Wissenschaft & Frieden Nr. 1.

2018. 'The culture of policing in Armenia'. ZOiS Report 3/2018.

2018. 'Top Down or Bottom Up? Public Control of the Armed Forces in Post-Soviet Russia'. Armed Forces & Society (Online First).

2018. 'Armenian Presidential elections. Unexciting at first sight, but potentially momentous in the long run'. Baltic Worlds.

2018. 'Economic Confidence-Building Measures and Conflict Settlement. The Case of Transdniestria', with Stefan Wolff. Work-in-Progress no. 1.

2017. 'A challenge of diverging interests'. ZOiS Spotlight 35/2017.

2017. 'Postscript to Zapad-2017'. ZOiS Spotlight 24/2017.

2017. 'Is the NATO-Russia Founding Act still relevant?' ZOiS Spotlight 11/2017.

2017. 'Armenia after the elections'. ZOiS Spotlight 07/2017.

2017. 'Moldovan President Dodon and the Russian role model'. ZOiS Spotlight 3/2017.

2016. 'Militärische Vertrauensbildung zwischen Russland und dem Westen – Herausforderung für die OSZE'. Russland-Analysen Nr. 314: S. 5-9.

2014. 'Demokratisches Defizit. Zur Debatte über Änderungen des Parlamentsbeteiligungsgesetzes'. Wissenschaft & Frieden Nr. 3: S. 50-53.

2014. 'Les relations armées-société en Allemagne', mit Eric Sangar. La lettre de l'IRSEM no. 1: pp. 6-9.