Dr. Piotr Goldstein

Dr. Piotr Goldstein

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Piotr Goldstein is a social scientist working at the intersection of social anthropology, sociology and political science. He received his PhD from the University of Manchester, a Master in international peace work from the University of Trieste and a Master in philosophy from the University of Lodz. At ZOiS, he works within the team of the MOBILISE Project, which aims to understand why in the times of crisis some people protest while others migrate. In the project, he is responsible for the collation of the qualitative data collected across project locations, and the coordination of the qualitative work with migrants. Before joining ZOiS in June 2019, he held a Thomas Brown Assistant Professorship at Trinity College Dublin and a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Manchester. During his fellowship, he researched various forms of donor-independent, informal, everyday activism, conducting fieldwork in Novi Sad (Serbia), Debrecen (Hungary), Lodz (Poland), Cádiz (Spain) and Manchester (UK). He is also a recipient of a Leverhulme/British Academy Small Research Grant, thanks to which he co-produced a 30-minute ethnographic documentary entitled ‘Active (citizen)’.

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ZOiS research projects

Beyond NGOs and protest movements: everyday activism in Serbia, Poland, and Hungary

Visualising the invisible: using visual ethnography to explore extra-institutional activism of migrants and ethnic minorities

Determinants of Mobilisation at Home and Abroad: Analysing the Micro-Foundations of Out-Migration & Mass Protest (MOBILISE)

Research interests

  • Activism and civil society
  • Post-multi-ethnic cities
  • Post-conflict societies
  • Migration and ethnic minorities
  • Identity and gender

Selected publications