Aleksandar Zograf

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Aleksandar Zograf is the pseudonym of Saša Rakezić, a cartoonist from Serbia. In the early 1990s he produced self-published mini comics that depicted everyday life during the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia. He collaborated with Fantagraphics Books, a leading American independent comics publisher, which published Zograf’s collections of comics that addressed both the reality of life in the Balkans and the author’s inner visions, dreams and musings. In the past 20 years, his comic books were published in many countries, including Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Hungary or Japan. Since 2003, his weekly comics have been published in the Serbian political magazine Vreme. Zograf's latest project is "Migrants' Stories", a six-page comic based on migrants' testimonies published in magazines in Serbia, Canada, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.