Frozen Conflict – a filmic reflection of the Transnistrian deadlock

Film and discussion (English) | 21 May 2019 | 6:30-8:30 pm

With Steffi Wurster (director) and Nadja Douglas (ZOiS)

"Kitchen", image from the documentary Frozen Conflict © Steffi Wurster

Steffi Wurster’s documentary Frozen Conflict turns the lens on the conflict between the Republic of Moldova and the breakaway territory of Transnistria. The director observes the tranquil scene of a multilateral peacekeeping post and the more confrontational relationships in local and international politics, which she describes as a permanent deadlock of hearts and minds. After the screening, Steffi Wurster will talk to political scientist Nadja Douglas (ZOiS) about de facto states in Eastern Europe, Transnistria’s role in the region and the prospects for conflict resolution.

Frozen Conflict (director: Steffi Wurster, Germany, 2018, 60 minutes, original languages with English subtitles)

Steffi Wurster is a set designer and film maker. In addition to her documentary film projects, she produces interdisciplinary video installations in which she explores the visualisation of space.

Nadja Douglas is a political scientist. Her research interests at ZOiS include confidence-building and conflict resolution in the Transnistria case.