Transnistria Seen from Within: A Portrait by Young Photographers

aff Galerie Berlin and the Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS)

Artists: Carolina Dutca, Ramin Mazur, Mikhail Kalarashan, Anton Polyakov with Anya Galatonova and Maxim Polyakov. Curated by Anna Eckold and Franca Wohlt.

From 'Left Bank'. © Ramin Mazur

Transnistria is a de facto state within the Republic of Moldova, which declared its independence during the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Today, the state with about 475,000 inhabitants is not internationally recognized. At the same time, it has typical features of a state such as currency, administration, military, or its own education system. The situation has currently reached status quo that seems to be tolerated by all sides and in which people pursue their everyday lives.

How do the artists, born and raised in Transnistria, see their very special home? What do they experience on a daily basis? Awakening, protest, continuance or failure?

The group exhibition provides a wide variety of insights into this region: documentary, journalistic and conceptual images reflect highly personal social and political issues.

Exhibition hours

From 16 November 2018 aff Galerie Berlin, Kochhannstr. 14, 10249 Berlin, Sat+Sun 3–6 pm
From 19 November 2018 ZOiS, Mohrenstr. 60, 10117 Berlin, Wed 2–6 pm

At ZOiS, photographic works by Ramin Mazur and Anton Polyakov can be seen.