ZOiS in the media

15 April 2021

In a blog post for Carnegie Europe, international experts - including Gwendolyn Sasse - respond to the question of whether NATO should take on Ukraine (English).

2 April 2021

Belsat TV reports online on the results of a ZOiS survey in Belarus (English).

1 April 2021

The article of TUT.BY refers to a recent ZOiS online survey on Belarus (Russian).

31 March 2021

In an interview with Gwendolyn Sasse about Belarus, Deutsche Welle refers to a recent ZOiS online survey in which the social and political moods in Belarusian society were evaluated (Russian).

29 March 2021

Nezavisimaya Gazeta reports on possible new elections in Belarus and refers to a recent ZOiS online survey (Russian).

16 March 2021

radioWelt of Bayerischer Rundfunk spoke with Tsypylma Darieva about the current situation in Azerbaijan (German).

14 March 2021

In an article for the Hauptstadtbrief, Tsypylma Darieva reports on the current situation in Azerbaijan and explains the economic cooperation with the West (German).

12 March 2021

In an article about eastern Ukraine, the Morgenbladet quotes Gwendolyn Sasse and refers to ZOiS data on the Donbass (Norwegian).

2 March 2021

Which of his pronounced plans has the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, actually implemented after two years in office? Gwendolyn Sasse gives an assessment in a WDR 5 reporting (German).

24 February 2021

NOEK reports on Belarus and the latest survey results of a recent ZOiS survey (German).

17 February 2021

GlobalVoices published an article, which was written by Gwendolyn Sasse and others and reports on the current situation in the Donbas (English).

13 February 2021

Two Ukrainian internet newspapers Novosti Donbassa and DonPress take a look at the results of the new ZOiS study on the perception of conflict in the seperatist areas, especially in the city of Ordlo (Russian).

12 February 2021

In a contribution for Monkey Cage on the anniversary of the Minsk II Agreement, Gwendolyn Sasse and others present fresh survey data showing deeply divided views in the contested Donbas region (English).

12 February 2021

A Deutsche Welle article cites, among others, Beate Eschment’s assessment of the planned lifting of the immunity of Kyrgyz ex-presidents (Russian).

11 February 2021

In a blog entry for Judy Dempsey's Strategic Europe, Gwendolyn Sasse presents fresh data from a ZOiS survey in Belarus (English).

10 February 2021

In an interview with Caucasus Watch, Nadja Douglas talks about the post-war situation in South Caucasus (English).

6 February 2021

In her conversation with Der Tag (Deutschlandfunk Kultur), sociologist Teresa Koloma Beck mentions Gwendolyn Sasse's ZOiS Report on attitudes towards Russia in East and West Germany (German).

5 February 2021

Deutsche Welle gives an assessment of what to expect from Kyrgyzstan's new government. With comments by Beate Eschment (Russian).

4 February 2021

In the podcast The Conversation Weekly, Félix Krawatzek speaks about the initial findings from a new ZOiS survey in Belarus. (English)

4 February 2021

In their new piece for The Conversation, Gwendolyn Sasse and Félix Krawatzek present fresh ZOiS survey data on protests in Belarus (English).

2 February 2021

hr-inforadio reports on how Kremlin critic Nawalny influences politics in Russia. Assessments by Gwendolyn Sasse (German).

1 February 2021

Radioeins spoke to Gwendolyn Sasse about the protest movement and the demand for sanctions in Russia (German).

22 January 2021

Deutsche Welle article on the new constitution in Kyrgyzstan contains analyses by Beate Eschment (Russian).

17 January 2021

An ntv article about the election of Sadyr Japarov as Kyrgyzstan's president contains comments by Beate Eschment (German).

11 January 2021

In an interview with Neues Deutschland, Beate Eschment analyses the parliamentary election in Kazakhstan and the presidential election in Kyrgyzstan (German).

8 January 2021

In an article at Neues Deutschland on the upcoming parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan, Beate Eschment gives an assessment of the current situation in the country (German).

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