ZOiS in the media

13 April 2018

Deutsche Welle reports on the question of whether the power struggle between the president and his predecessor can turn into a real political crisis. With assessments by Beate Eschment (Russian).

10 April 2018

On SWR2 Gwendolyn Sasse commented on the visit of the Ukrainian President Poroshenko in Germany (German).

4 April 2018

Together with two other experts, Gwendolyn Sasse participated in a discussion of Deutschlandfunk. Theme of the programme: East-West Confrontation 2.0 (German).

4 April 2018

The new GIZ research study considers Ukraine in the eyes of Germany. Gwendolyn Sasse was among the interviewed experts (German).

26 March 2018

On Judy Dempsey's Blog Strategic Europe, Gwendolyn Sasse addresses the question of what the Russian presidential election means for Ukraine (English).

19 March 2018

For the theological feuilleton Feinschwarz, Regina Elsner writes about the Russian election and pleads not to confuse people with the system (German).

19 March 2018

Deutschlandfunk is investigating the question of whether Putin's Russia is rightly pilloried. Gwendolyn Sasse was a guest on the show (German).

18 March 2018

NOZ reports on the public mood in Crimea on the day of the Russian presidential election, citing also from the ZOiS Report on Crimea (German).

18 March 2018

Deutsche Welle writes about the Russian presidential election. With a reference by Gwendolyn Sasse, which might influence Putin's fourth term (German).

18 March 2018

For RBB-Inforadio Gwendolyn Sasse talked together with other guests about the Russian presidential election (German).

16 March 2018

With a contribution of the Carnegie Moscow Center over the Ukraine diplomacy, a ZOiS Report about the Donbas is mentioned (English).

13 March 2018

In the run up to the presidential election in Russia, Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung examines the demand for a real opposition in the country. With comments by Tatiana Golova (German).

9 March 2018

Deutsche Welle reports on Uzbek President Mirziyoyev's visit to Tajikistan, with comments by Beate Eschment (Russian).

1 March 2018

In an interview with radio station SWR2, Gwendolyn Sasse speaks about the theme of this years annual conference and explains why 'Contested Spaces' politically matter (German).

28 February 2018

In an article for the Russian Analytical Digest, Gwendolyn Sasse discusses how divided the population in the Donbas is due to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine (English).

26 February 2018

Deutsche Welle reports on the fight against corruption in Central Asia, with comments by ZOiS researcher Beate Eschment (Russian).

21 February 2018

Gwendolyn Sasse writes a guest commentary for NZZ about the declining interest in the war in eastern Ukraine (German).

17 February 2018

For Judy Dempsey's Blog Strategic Europe, Gwendolyn Sasse provides an assessment of the Munich Security Conference 2018 (English).

13 February 2018

For Kennan Institute's Focus Ukraine, Mikhail Minakov takes a look at "Ukraine’s Strategic Challenges in 2018" and cites the ZOiS Report on Crimea and the Donbas (English).

29 January 2018

In Judy Dempsey's Blog Strategic Europe, Gwendolyn Sasse looks at the latest results of a survey about the "Generation Z" in Ukraine (English).

24 January 2018

Zeit writes about the growing interest in Russia. The Centre for East European and International Studies is mentioned as an expert institute (German).

24 January 2018

Deutsche Welle reports on Kazakhstan's fear of Islamization of society, with comments by Beate Eschment (Russian).