ZOiS Spotlight 2018

ZOiS Spotlight features analyses, insights and background information on current developments in Eastern Europe by ZOiS researchers and guest contributors. ZOiS Spotlight is published on the ZOiS website each Wednesday in English and German.

ZOiS Spotlight 44/2018 by Alina Mungiu-Pippidi

Romania, an EU success story?

ZOiS Spotlight 43/2018 by Christian Schaich

25 years of the Russian Constitution

ZOiS Spotlight 42/2018 by Silvia Stöber

The Armenian Revolution: nearing completion?

ZOiS Spotlight 41/2018 by Beate Eschment

Prestige project in Tajikistan – the Rogun hydropower plant

ZOiS Spotlight 40/2018 by Eva-Clarita Pettai

Latvia’s centenary

ZOiS Spotlight 39/2018 by Félix Krawatzek

Historical loyalty? Russian youth and its assessment of history

ZOiS Spotlight 38/2018 by Alexander Chertenko

Ukrainian migrants in Poland: here to stay?

ZOiS Spotlight 37/2018 by Inna Klause

Unheard – music by composers in the gulag

ZOiS Spotlight 36/2018 by Kornely Kakachia

The certainty of uncertainty: Georgia’s presidential election

ZOiS Spotlight 35/2018 by Sophie Lambroschini

War and water in the Donbas

ZOiS Spotlight 34/2018 by Nina Frieß

Of writing and writers from Georgia

ZOiS Spotlight 33/2018 by Sergiu Gaibu

Money laundering in Moldova

ZOiS Spotlight 31/2018 by Regina Elsner

An independent Church in Ukraine: peace-maker or warmonger?

ZOiS Spotlight 29/2018 by Taissiya Sutormina

Neighbourly re-education: the Kazakh minority in China

ZOiS Spotlight 28/2018 by Rita Sanders

How the World Cup made its mark on Kaliningrad

ZOiS Spotlight 27/2018 by Katharina Bluhm

No populism: dispute over Russia’s new pension reform

ZOiS Spotlight 26/2018 by Tatiana Golova

Social media networks of the post-Soviet minority in Germany

ZOiS Spotlight 25/2018 by Jelena Tošić

The Western Balkan route and European border policies

ZOiS Spotlight 24/2018 by Yuliya Yurchuk

Memory and history in Ukraine after the Euromaidan

ZOiS Spotlight 23/2018 by Tsypylma Darieva

Azerbaijan celebrates its secular legacy

ZOiS Spotlight 22/2018 by Timm Beichelt

The Politics of Football in Russia: Repressive and Rational

ZOiS Spotlight 21/2018 by Silvia Stöber

Armenia, a textbook case of a peaceful uprising

ZOiS Spotlight 20/2018 by Anja Tippner

Svetlana Alexievich and nostalgia

ZOiS Spotlight 19/2018 by Elza-Bair Guchinova

Sobibor today

ZOiS Spotlight 18/2018 by Richard Mole

The politics of homophobia in Eastern Europe

ZOiS Spotlight 17/2018 by Gwendolyn Sasse

Linking language and security in Ukraine

ZOiS Spotlight 16/2018 by Caroline von Gall

Russia and the European Convention on Human Rights

ZOiS Spotlight 15/ 2018 by James Hughes

Turning Russians into Balts?

ZOiS Spotlight 14/2018 by Bernd Greiner

A new Cold War?

ZOiS Spotlight 13/2018 by O. Gulina and O. Pozniak

Migration flows from Ukraine: changing trends

ZOiS Spotlight 12/2018 by Chris Hann

Hungary’s parliamentary election: a bottom-up perspective

ZOiS Spotlight 11/2018 by Viktor Voronkov

Russia’s independent sociology under pressure

Spotlight ZOiS 10/2018 by Elisa Satjukow

The NATO air strikes in Serbia’s memory politics

ZOiS Spotlight 9/2018 by A. Kolesnikov and D. Volkov

Do Russians want change?

ZOiS Spotlight 8/2018 by Ann-Sophie Gast

Central Asia and Russia’s presidential election

ZOiS Spotlight 7/2018 by Nikolaus Katzer

Brest-Litovsk: A Peace Deal in Wartime

ZOiS Spotlight 6/2018 by Jochen Krüger

Unloved Soviet reformers and the Russian longing for stability

ZOiS Spotlight 5/2018 by Beate Eschment

All obstacles removed?

ZOiS Spotlight 4/2018 by Tatiana Golova

Political spaces of Russian opposition

ZOiS Spotlight 3/2018 by Olga Onuch

Protests and political coalitions in Ukraine

ZOiS Spotlight 2/2018 by Tsypylma Darieva

Migration and a new patriotism in Armenia

ZOiS Spotlight 1/2018 by Tina de Vries

Deconstruction of justice in Poland?