ZOiS Spotlight 2019

ZOiS Spotlight features analyses, insights and background information on current developments in Eastern Europe by ZOiS researchers and guest contributors. ZOiS Spotlight is published on the ZOiS website each Wednesday in English and German.

ZOiS Spotlight 46/2019 by Tsypylma Darieva

Life between two worlds: labour migrants in Russia

ZOiS Spotlight 44/2019 by Kristiina Silvan

Lukashenka’s regime: rooted in youth summer camps?

ZOiS Spotlight 43/2019 by Nina Frieß

Publishing in Kazakhstan: new ways for writers

ZOiS Spotlight 42/2019 by Florian Coppenrath

Rap in Kyrgyz

ZOiS Spotlight 41/2019 by Gregor Feindt

30 years after the German-Polish reconciliation mass

ZOiS Spotlight 40/2019 by Tsypylma Darieva

Secularism and Islam: new religious education in Azerbaijan

ZOiS Spotlight 39/2019 by Diana Bogishvili

A show of power by Georgia’s ruling party

ZOiS Spotlight 38/2019 by Anna Litvinenko

Defining borders online: Russia’s sovereign Internet bill

ZOiS Spotlight 37/2019 by Christoph Creutziger and Paul Reuber

The Cold War as narrative? Old representations and new emotions

ZOiS Spotlight 36/2019 by Martin Brand

Poverty in Russia

ZOiS Spotlight 35/2019 by Nadja Sieffert

A “quite recent” event? Young Poles’ awareness of history

ZOiS Spotlight 34/2019 by Nikoloz Tokhvadze

The Eastern Partnership at ten: a major flop?

ZOiS Spotlight 33/2019 by Dmitry Yagodin

Russian media and climate change in the Arctic

ZOiS Spotlight 32/2019 by Péter Balogh

Academic freedom under pressure in Hungary

ZOiS Spotlight 31/2019 by Beate Eschment

Only losers in Kyrgyzstan

ZOiS Spotlight 30/2019 by Ulrich Kühn

The end of the INF Treaty: what does it mean for Europe?

ZOiS Spotlight 29/2019 by Balázs Jarábik

Ukraine’s balancing act

ZOiS Spotlight 28/2019 by George Soroka

What Poland sees in the Three Seas Initiative

ZOiS Spotlight 27/2019 by Nina Frieß

Fairytales with a critical twist

ZOiS Spotlight 26/2019 by Diana Bogishvili

Civil and political turmoil in Georgia

ZOiS Spotlight 25/2019 by Nadja Douglas

Moldova’s political crisis and its aftershocks

ZOiS Spotlight 24/2019 by Andrei Kolesnikov

Russia’s three fronts of civil society

ZOiS Spotlight 23/2019 by Sebastian Schiek

Kazakhstan risks a frozen conflict on the domestic policy front

ZOiS Spotlight 22/2019 by Eva Kowollik

“From Belgrade and Pristina, with love”

ZOiS Spotlight 21/2019 by Regina Elsner

The Orthodox Churches in Ukraine in the wake of the election campaign

ZOiS Spotlight 20/2019 by Félix Krawatzek

What does Europe mean for young Poles?

ZOiS Spotlight 19/2019 by Karolina Lukasiewicz

The European refugee crisis and refugee protection in Poland

ZOiS Spotlight 18/2019 by Mischa Gabowitsch

The present and future of post-Soviet war commemoration

ZOiS Spotlight 17/2019 by Michel Abeßer

Jazz, Soviet culture, and the limits of a bipolar world

ZOiS Spotlight 16/2019 by Tsypylma Darieva

Commemorating the Armenian Genocide after the Velvet Revolution

ZOiS Spotlight 15/2019 by Beate Eschment

Nursultan Nazarbayev: Strategic withdrawal by increments?

ZOiS Spotlight 14/2019 by Nadja Douglas

Grand strategies and natural limitations in the Russian Arctic

ZOiS Spotlight 13/2019 by Kristina Stöckl

The European culture wars

ZOiS Spotlight 12/2019 by Gwendolyn Sasse

The mood in Ukraine’s Donbas ahead of the presidential election

ZOiS Spotlight 11/2019 by Gernot Howanitz

The life and death of the Russian blog

ZOiS Spotlight 10/2019 by Tatjana Hofmann

Crimea: the interface between politics and culture

ZOiS Spotlight 9/2019 by Gayane Shagoyan

Revolution in Armenia: before and after the elections

ZOiS Spotlight 8/2019 by Ann-Sophie Gast

Four years of the Eurasian Economic Union: an economic flop?

ZOiS Spotlight 7/2019 by Sabine von Löwis

The Moldovan parliamentary elections and the Transnistria conflict

ZOiS Spotlight 6/2019 by Nina Frieß

Shifting perspective: Chechnya from within

ZOiS Spotlight 5/2019 by Félix Krawatzek

Memory laws and Polish voices from abroad

ZOiS Spotlight 4/2019 by Dorothee Bohle

Hungary’s winter of discontent

ZOiS Spotlight 3/2019 by Regina Elsner

New wave of persecutions against LGBTI* people in Chechnya

ZOiS Spotlight 2/2019 by Theocharis Grigoriadis

Moscow’s asymmetric proxy wars

ZOiS Spotlight 1/2019 by Sabine von Löwis

The sale of agricultural land in Ukraine