ZOiS Spotlight

ZOiS Spotlight features analyses, insights and background information on current developments in Eastern Europe by ZOiS researchers and guest contributors. ZOiS Spotlight is published on the ZOiS website each Wednesday in English and German.

ZOiS Spotlight 11/2020 by Sergiy Solodkyy

Ukraine’s decentralisation at a critical stage

ZOiS Spotlight 10/2020 by Gwendolyn Sasse

Russia: constitutional reform as both safeguard and risk

ZOiS Spotlight 8/2020 by Regina Elsner

Domestic violence in Russia: The tough battle for protection

ZOiS Spotlight 7/2020 by Altay Goyushov

A snap parliamentary election in Azerbaijan

ZOiS Spotlight 6/2020 by Tom Junes

Polish youth, nationalism, and the far right

ZOiS Spotlight 5/2020 by Merey Otan

Q-pop: a cultural phenomenon in Kazakhstan

ZOiS Spotlight 4/2020 by Kostiantyn Fedorenko

Belarus and Russia: turbulent relations

ZOiS Spotlight 3/2020 by Liana Fix

Russia in German public opinion

ZOiS Spotlight 2/2020 by Sabine von Löwis

Contested post-Soviet borders: Ukraine as a case in point

ZOiS Spotlight 1/2020 by Beate Eschment

“New Uzbekistan, new elections”?