ZOiS Spotlight

ZOiS Spotlight features analyses, insights and background information on current developments in Eastern Europe by ZOiS researchers and guest contributors. ZOiS Spotlight is published on the ZOiS website each Wednesday in English and German.

ZOiS Spotlight 6/2019 by Nina Frieß

Shifting perspective: Chechnya from within

ZOiS Spotlight 5/2019 by Félix Krawatzek

Memory laws and Polish voices from abroad

ZOiS Spotlight 4/2019 by Dorothee Bohle

Hungary’s winter of discontent

ZOiS Spotlight 3/2019 by Regina Elsner

New wave of persecutions against LGBTI* people in Chechnya

ZOiS Spotlight 2/2019 by Theocharis Grigoriadis

Moscow’s asymmetric proxy wars

ZOiS Spotlight 1/2019 by Sabine von Löwis

The sale of agricultural land in Ukraine