Current cooperation

Reforming Ukraine 

ZOiS supports the project Reforming Ukraine led by the global think tank Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. In the course of the year, three new issues of the "Ukraine Reform Monitor" and three in-depth Sectoral Reviews will be published, providing assessments of the Ukrainian reform efforts. The first Sectoral Review - on the decentralization process - was published in March 2017. It was followed by the Ukraine Reform Monitor April 2017 and Oktober 2017. The joint project Reforming Ukraine is one example of the close cooperation with Carnegie; another one are the regular contributions by ZOiS Director Gwendolyn Sasse's  to Judy Dempsey’s Carnegie Europe blog Strategic Europe.

Ukraine Reform Monitor March 2018

Ukraine Reform Monitor October 2017

Ukraine Reform Monitor April 2017

Past cooperation

Seed money for projects

Centre for Independent Social Research (CISR) e.V.
Title: “New Practices of Russian NGOs in Social Sphere”
Project coordinator: Elena Belokurova

Free University of Berlin, Otto Suhr Institute of Political Science
Title: „Reformen der Finanz- und Steuerverwaltung in Russland, Ukraine und Kasachstan“ („Reforms of  the financial and tax administration in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan”)
Project coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sabine Kropp

Humboldt University of Berlin, Central Asian Seminar
Title: „Transformationen urbaner Metropolen als Bühnen regionaler Macht: Kaukasus und Zentralasien im Vergleich“ („Transformations of urban centres as stages of regional power: Caucasus and Central Asia in comparison“)
Project coordinator: Dr. Tsypylma Darieva

Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS)
Title: “Vom Homo Sovieticus zum Staatsbürger. Dimensionen des gesellschaftlichen Wandels in der Ukraine” (“From Homo Sovieticus to state citizen. Dimensions of social change in Ukraine”)
Project coordinator: Prof. Dr. Katrin Boeckh

University of Bremen, Research Centre for East European Studies
Title: “Medienkontrolle als politische Machtressource. Die Rolle von Oligarchen in der post-sowjetischen Region“ (“Media control as a political power resource. The role of oligarchs in the post-Soviet region“)
Project coordinator: Prof. Dr. Heiko Pleines

University of Bremen, Research Centre for East European Studies
Title: “Data hub for protest related research in East European societies”
Project coordinator: Anastasia Stoll

University of Münster, Institute for Ecumenical Theology
“’Orthodoxie’ als Machtressource in der aktuellen russischen Innen- und Außenpolitik” (“’Orthodoxy’ as a power resource in current Russian domestic and foreign policy”)
Project coordinator: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bremer