(De-)Bordering and (Re-)bordering in the Post-Soviet Space

Project coordination: Dr. Sabine von Löwis and Dr. Beate Eschment

The annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine have shown that territorial order in the post-Soviet space and Eastern Europe is more unstable than many previously assumed. Much less well-known are the various local border conflicts in the Fergana Valley in Central Asia. In the Caucasus, too, borders were and are being called into question. Meanwhile, new demarcations and violent conflicts are creating previously unknown problems for the residents of border regions.

This project aims to analyse the diversity of border disputes inherited from the Soviet era and changes in border regions in the post-Soviet space, and to highlight these issues from a number of angles. We deal with a range of selected border regions from a micro- and a macro-perspective, and in workshops we discuss the findings of researchers from the states concerned and third countries against the backdrop of current debates in border studies. The project brings together different levels of analysis, methodological approaches, and disciplines. The discussion began at a workshop at ZOiS in November 2018 and will be continued in further workshops. The findings will feed into various publication formats.